HALO The Band

There's only a handful of known copies of this incredible Early-80s Glorious mid-tempo Soul Music 45 called 'Let Me Do It' out there in existence. Luckily they were all owned by such prestigious DJ's such as Soul Sam, Butch, Keb Darge, and not to mention one of the band members (James King Jr.).

DJ's that had the power to break tracks such as these on the knowledgeable Soulful dance floors of the UK were truly ahead of their time. The owner of Count On Me Music, LLC in the U.S. managed to keep 'Halo The Band' at the top of mind over the years. The original Halo band members, Greg Coleman, Karvin Johnson and James King Jr. are three True Gentlemen of the music industry. Halo The Band have added 5 previously unissued tracks that should have been on their debut album - entitled 'Halo - Now And Then' This re-release will be the 40th year anniversary of the band creating timeless music for all generations to enjoy for years to come.

We'll keep you updated on the history and future of HALO the Band.