Greg Coleman - Singer / Songwriter / Producer

Born April 14th 1952 - Detroit, Michigan. He was greatly influenced by the Motown sosunds at a very early age performing at school talent shows and wherever he could. Greg moved to Indiana in 1967 where he finished hight school. He then moved to Washington DC where he worked different jobs from retail sales to bank branch operations, always pursuing his first love; music, writing songs and performing.

In 1971, Greg moved to California on an invite to audition for a new singing ground called Groupfusion formed by successful former Motown write Kenny Thomas who had a hit record on the Supremes (Stoned Love). It was with this group where Greg first met Karvin Johnson. After a stint with Groupfusion, another band was formed called Licorice with Greg and Karvin sharing lead vocal duteis. Greg later reunited with his buddy who he grew up with in Detroit, James King Jr. Greg and James started collaborating on some tunes. Karvin was also introduct to James and a writing team was formed. Later, these three would become the founding members of HALO the Band. Today, Mr. Coleman is living in Woodland Hills, CA and married to a beautiful and supportive wife Renee and is father to two wonderful children, son Evan and daughter, Shenil, both living in New York. Greg is still singing, writing, producing and performing the music he will love forever.

Karvin Johnson - Singer / Songwriter

Karvin was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At an early age his family relocated to California and settled in the Los Angeles suburb city of Monrovia. There he attended elementary, junior high and graduated from Monrovia High School. Karin went on to college attending Citrus College in Azusa, California and later Cal Poly Pomona where he majored in Radio and Television Communications.

Currently he resides in Chicago, IL where he and his wife Lori operate one of the most progressive independent distribution and entertainment marketing companies in America: KES Music & Video Distribution, "This business of music and entertainment is my passion", says Karvin, "and I thank God daily for the opportunity to work in this industry, helping others realize their dreams. From the very beginning I have been very fortunate to collaborate with very talented guys and girls. Halo came together as just a bunch of talented guys that loved making music and showing off what we had created to any and everyone that would look or listen. I think that's what has been unique about the band, our first agenda was to just create meaningful songs.

We are very proud of what we are still enjoying after 30 years, and that's the fans that still apreciate our music. It's like magin, the email we get from Europe and other parts of teh world has generated new life within the band members and yes, we are gonna Do It Again! "Stay Tuned for that musci that touched your brain and tickles your soul."

"Much Love and Peace To The World" - Karvin

James King Jr. - Singer / Producer / Guitarist / Arranger

Born June 5, 1952 in Detroit, Michigan. The Motor City native migrated his way to Pasadena, California in 1974 where he and his bandmates formed the dynamic music super-group, HALO. Balancing work and raising a family left little time to rehearse and perform, but his passion for music wouldn't be denied. James drew his inspiration from personal relationships in the many different cities in which he worked and lived. Whether in Culver City, Ca, Frazier Park, Ca. all the way to Boulder City, Nevada and finally in Salem, Oregon. Jimmy 'Rhythm' King has kept a make-shift stufio in his residence to help channel that creative energy into his music. Today, Mr. King is a proud grandfather and he runs his own home maintenance business called "Jim Handy to the Rescue".

James is currentlyresiding in Salem, OR where he's lived for 6 years. He is back in the swing of things with his love for music and recording original songs. James, Karvin, Greg and John Flowers are the original members of HALO the Band and they are putting together a two-sided single soon to be released, called "HAPPY SONG" and "TONITE". We're looking forward to giving our fans something of the original sound and expecially something new.

John Flowers - Bass

Bio coming soon.